Abstract Portrait

Large Format Art Generation From Images Using Python (Cairo, PIL, Multiprocessing). Personal Project 2021/2022.

My early attempts were done in Javascript/Canvas, you can find them in the old version of my website. But Javascript is my comfort zone, so I wanted to leave it and try Python.

I have coded several types of brushes with different levels of distortion, colour mixing, impasto faking, palettes, etc. Created several drawing algorithms that change their behaviour depending on the details of the source images or other rules.

There are about 30 config parameters that change the way the image is generated - it can be close to original (like in Paris street image, which almost looks watercolour) or far from it (Amy Winehouse or Pamela Anderson images), making it look quite abstract.

In the beginning I have used Bezier curves from Cairo library (Union Jack image), later invented my own multi-dot pseudo Bezier (model on the beach image). Using Javascript pointer events iPad pencil movement can be captured and imported into python and used instead of drawing algorithms. By the way, I found out that JS has pointerEvent.pressure for pencils, did not know that before ;)

Largest format that I generated was about 10,000 x 15,000 pixels (150 megapixels). At 100ppi it's about 2.5 x 3.8 metres.

I have used photos from everywhere - google images, instagram, stock libraries. I do not have an intent to sell them, they were used merely for testing purposes.

If you can, look at them on a big display in a full screen mode.


"We don't make mistakes - we just have happy accidents." - Bob Ross

Woman Portrait Sunset New York Santa Monica Pier, California Frankfurt Am Main Abstract Panorama Times Square New York Abstract Times Square New York Abstract New York Abstract Cities Postcards Abstract Pop Ladies Lithuania Abstract Group Portrait Group of Women Abstract Model On The Beach Abstract Pamela Anderson on Suzuki Motorcycle Abstract Anne Hathaway Abstract Portrait Kanye West Ye Abstract Portrait Royal Mail Abstract Letizia Sara Model Abstract Union Jack Abstract Group of Women Abstract Salvator Mundi by Leonardo Abstract Sunbathing Woman Abstract Daniel Craig Abstract Inga Portrait Abstract Marilyn Monroe Portrait Abstract Sitting Woman Abstract Amy Winehouse Portrait Abstract Lady Gaga Portrait Abstract Woman Portrait Abstract Woman Protrait Abstract Agne Jagelaviciute Abstract Agne Jagelaviciute 4 Portraits Abstract Blond Woman Portrait Abstract Random Colours Random Colours Driving Woman Abstract Los Angeles Abstract Vintage Cadillac At Seligman Town Arizona Oregon Coast Sea Stack Rock Formations Woman On The Beach

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